These are questions you don’t ask me frequently enough to be included here, but which I am willing to answer.

Q. Where are my stories? I thought you had, like, stories here?

A. They’re unavailable right now, but they are not gone. I am editing them for future use. I was thinking of squishing them together as an eBook, once I had them edited and pretty, and maybe after I toss in a couple of pictures and some knurling or some equally silly and obscure-sounding words.

Q. So, what’s going here right now?

A. Just that one post on the front, with links to the two pages I currently updated with anything like frequency. Here they area again: LNB and James.

Q. Can I be a contributor to LNB?

A. I don’t see why not. Give me a holler, or post a comment or something. We will discuss terms, by which I mean the process by which you will be added or judged or some equivalent.

Q. I really miss those stories. Can I have a sample?

A. Keep checking. Maybe I’ll post something here. I still write them, and I finished a novel recently. I’m going to write a simply dreadful script this April for ScriptFrenzy. If you want me to share, see the question about contributing to LNB, which also secretly lists the methods of requesting samples of my linguistic output.

Q. Are there naked people on LNB? It has the word “nude” in it. Is it SFW?

A. There are not, it does, and it is. Maybe I should redirect this question over there, but once you see the page, it’s pretty obvious that there aren’t naked people over there. It’s just writing about thinking about food.